About Me

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved looking at pictures, hanging on the wall at home and in books.
When my children were small, someone gave me a 'Box Brownie' which I used for years recording our life. Various cheap cameras were then used until I became the proud owner of a Ricoh SLR and then a Cannon.
At this time I had a darkroom at home and hand printed and sepia toned my photographs. 
Some exhibitions followed.
The digital revolution  changed everything and I enjoyed getting to know the basics of editing in Photoshop.
I have continued to use Cannon and now take all my photographs in raw format , processing them in Lightroom with any further tweaking done in Photoshop.
My interests are anything to do with nature, landscapes, flowers, butterflies etc, but I also like old and historic architecture and the still life genre.
Living in rural Lancashire in the Ribble Valley, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty gives many opportunities for photography.

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